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Archangel was founded in 2003 and since then have established an impeccable reputation for services, reliability and responsiveness.”  Archangel Firearms training Academy, is a family-owned Washington, DC Corporation.

At Archangel Firearms Training, we specialize in DC concealed carry handgun permits, beginner pistol classes, armed special police and security officer training. Years of experience makes the difference.  Don't be fooled by other agencies.  We take pride in offering the very best training possible. 


Our classes are provided and taught by an experienced, professional instructor who is certified by the DC Metropolitan Police Department and Department of Criminal Justice (DCJS). We are here to serve your needs and to ensure you learn the skills and training needed to safely operate a handgun. Our goal at Archangel Firearms Training is for all our students to become safe and confident handgun shooters and carry a concealed handgun in the District of Columbia. 

Call us today and sign up for the BEGINNER PISTOL class to experience what handgun shooting will be like. At Archangel Firearms Training, you will learn the laws associated with carrying a handgun, gain the knowledge necessary to legally carry a  handgun in the District of Columbia, and so much more.
Sign up today for one of our classes. Archangel Firearms Training will be there for you throughout the entire process to assist in any way possible. 
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